Friday, October 29, 2010

Jelly Belly Ellie

Ellie got her first of many birthday cards from her sweet great-gramma Noni. She even got some $$! I look forward to receiving a birthday card from my Grandma every year and now Ellie gets to experience this tradition:) Thanks Gramma!

Ellie gets in to EVERY thing! She had a party when she spilled the bag of chips. what a cutie

Introducing.......Jelly Belly Ellie! hahah I laugh so hard when I say that. I thought of this idea for her costume last night and stayed awake late to make it. Of course, my sewing machine HAD to I sewed this bad boy by hand. I thought it turned out rather nicely....but let me be real here...I wasn't smart enough to make sure that it fit her before I sewed it. Of COURSE I did that!
So this morning as I was dressing her, I realized that I had to take it apart just to get it over her head, then sewed it by hand while it was on her! How I did that? I still don't know....I was chasing her around the house with my needle and thread. Now, that is a picture that I wish I had. ;)  But the end result turned out cute I think. It probably won't last her through the day, but I got a picture, right??

                                                           This jelly bean had a rough morning
                                                                    Scowl face at mommy

                                                   I LOVE her high top Converses!
    I got them one size too big as you can tell... I wanted them to last a long time, okay?! But by the looks of these bad boys, she will be wearing them until the fourth grade....;)  kidding

                                                         me and my girl just hangin out


  1. Ha ha love the costume! it's so creative and so cool you sewed it by hand. From a fellow er hand seamstress I know that takes some talent and serious patience, so you're amazing! Hope you have a grand time trickRtreating tomorrow! Henry, Ben, and I are going around 6:30 if you want to join us.

  2. the costume turned out perfectly! i would never have known that you threw that together in one night. so good.
    that last picture of you two is so cute. i love those mommy moments - i wish i could catch some of mine on film!

  3. haha i love that you have the money coming out of her shirt!! she's the cutest jelly belly in the world!! and that last picture of you two is SO cute. she's the world's most loveable baby. you need to enter her into the gap baby contest. every time i talk to jordyn she tells me to tell you that! haha. love you BOTH>

  4. she is a doll! love her costume... you are seriously so creative michelle! hope you are doing well! :)