Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ellie and the dreadful camera

Remember when Ellie used to LOVE the camera and would smile on command every time we wanted to take her picture??

I have been saying for a while that Ellie HATES pictures now. No, like really. She sees a camera and darts the other way.  Like when my family got our pics done a couple of weeks ago, for instance. She would NOT look at the camera. She seemed to look at everything else! She enjoyed eating the dirt and picking at the grass. But definitely NOT looking at the camera. (Jessie managed to get a few where she was looking, thanks to her hopping and whisteling skills behind the camera.) 

So for your viewing pleasure, I thought I would put up a sequence of photos that I took today. I wanted one good, cute one of me and Ellie...with hopes of getting one with her smiling-- And this is what I ended up with.

I think it's a lost cause, folks.

                                                      HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

                                             My nephew makes the CUTEST skunk in the world!
                                                           What a lil stinker;)      PUN


  1. Lol.. I know what you mean.. Paityn did the same thing for a bit. You are so dang beautiful! Can you believe our babies are ONE!!!

  2. Michelle! She is beautiful!! just like her mama!