Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ellie- 1. . Birthday pictures- 0.

My lovely, amazing, beautiful, talented friend Whitney was nice enough to take some pictures of Ellie to use as her invitation to her 1st birthday party. Let just say that Ellie won this round.
95% of the pictures looked like this: (her fake pouty face is pretty believable isn't it?)
It was a rough day for miss Ellie. She HATES getting her picture taken. She was not having it. BUT however, we did manage to catch her a couple of times when she wasn't crying...I will take the blame for looking like a freak trying to get her to smile. I think she does it on purpose? maybe?
Anywho, here are the very few that did make the cut. Thanks whitney! She did such an amazing job. If anyone wants to contact whitney to get some pics, let me know!

"Oh my GOSH it's almost my birthday!"

Which one do you like best?


  1. i love them all. haha. she is so cute.
    i love the second one, and the last in the group of
    pictures. those two her smile is adorable!

  2. love the one where she is covering her mouth! too cute!

  3. so cute michelle! my favorites are either 3 or 4. and guess what you could do with these (I am doing my whole fine art project like this) but check out this link.

    you could glitter the balloon... just an idea.

  4. #2 because Ellie actually looks like shes a model trying to pose for the photographer. "is this the right position?" HAHHA

  5. What a little cutie! I can't believe her birthday is coming up, she's getting too big too fast :( I love the one where she's covering her mouth! So adorable!

  6. I love the "Oh" one and the one right above it. Super cute. I love them!!

  7. oh wow, these are cute! The moms are always hoping for something more, but they are perfect!!

    I like the hand over the mouth one! what a doll!

  8. She is turning one! That is crazy... She really is so cute Michelle and these are all really cute pictures!

  9. The last one is my fav... looks like it could be on a hallmark greeting card haha.

    You should seriously send it in.