Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lovely Things

this military jacket

Snow & Graham wrapping paper.

Soel Boutique is having a sale this weekend. They have really cute stuff right now...everyone check out their blog for a coupon!
isn't THIS nursery to die for??
everything this lady does is incredible.

She is so stylish all the time... Only she can pull off this dress and look fabulous!

this beautiful ruffle cake. Maybe for Ellie's birthday?

The pork salad from THIS place. soooo yummy.


These adorable Moccasins. (the top ones are for babies) This company even makes vegan alternatives.

I want a pair of each!



  1. oooohhh i LOVE it alllll.
    that wrapping paper- I may get some to use as wall paper! (maybe:))
    That cake is adorable and once you get the technique down- so easy!
    Those MOCCASINS! Ahhh if only i had a couple extra 100's lying around, right?
    and that nursery wall color with the yellow crib is freakin fantastic.
    nice finds lady! keep em coming!
    ps: we need to do another shoot, like yesterday!

  2. that cake was what my niece had for her first birthday and it is the cutest cake i have ever seen! i am obsessed with it!