Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stairway to heaven

Me, my brother, his friend Arianne, and my friend Kristy decided to hike Mount Timpanogos today. I have never hiked it! Which is crazy because I am very fortunate to live so close to it, yet I hadn't taken advantage of it.
Mount Timpanogos has an elevation of 11,749 feet.
Let me tell you, it is one steep mountain to climb! There are two ways to hike up it; one longer & less steep way, and the other way is a little bit shorter & a lot steeper. We took the steeper way. yiKes. My butt and calves are yelling at me for it.
It was unreal! I loved every minute of it and hope to go back soon. (by the way, the middle of september is such a perfect time to hike it....perfect weather and the leaf colors were amazing!)
Pictures honestly don't even compare to the real everyone- go hike it! It was beautiful.

This was my little friend that followed me for while. so cute We made it to the saddle!


us at the shack

Kristy is a babe!

me on top of the world

We practiced some yoga on the top;)

Me and Hustler

Story Time......
So there I was, minding my own business and walking on the trail...when a HUGE mountain goat jumped onto the path from the bushes literally 3 feet away from me! I had to jump back so the cute lil fellow didn't hit me. How crazy is that!

I named him fred.


The end.


  1. holy smokes. that is breathtaking. i need to do that once in my life. but i'm afraid my out of shape butt would die before getting up there. haha.

    and ps. fred is awesome. haha. that is so cool that you got to see him so up close.

  2. wow! thats awesome you were fortunate enough to see the goat!

  3. Oh my gosh.. I thought Mountain Goats were mean! lol. How fun. Michelle - I envy your drive. I swear I barely make it threw the day and here you are hiking, running and all that stuff. You are an amazing woman!