Sunday, September 19, 2010

my weekend

Ellie spent the majority of Saturday night in her booster seat, glued to her favorite episode of Baby Einstein, eating her animal crackers. Why you ask? Because My bro and I decided to take on the job of tackling the kitchen pantry. It needed a good cleaning and re-organizing! I wasn't going to share this..but I think I will (just for a good laugh...or...dry heave) but we threw out everything that was outdated and do you want to know what the oldest thing in our pantry was?? A can of Slimfast powder mix that was dated to December 1999. eeewwww wwwoooahhh! nasty. end of story.

I was lucky enough to babysit two cuties this weekend...My nephew Cody is such a little stud. I just want to squeeze him! He is at that stage where he makes noises and smiles and I just love him. You could say i'm the crazy obsessive aunt..... i'm fine with that label.
Now if I can somehow get his parents to take a date night once a week...i'd be set! I have Cody withdrawals if I don't see him enough. ;)
This little cutie is to DIE for!! I told my friend Linds that she needed a date night with her hubby and I begged her to let me watch her daughter, Goldie. She was smiling all night! and I must say, that Ellie better watch out....because my dad would NOT stop holding Goldie. He was obsessed with her! Goldie, come play with us again soon!

Saturday was my mother in law's birthday and she wanted me and Ellie to come see her Horse, Angel. Ellie LOVES animals and is not afraid of them. (except for dead animals mounted on walls....she cringed so much in Jackson Hole when we saw them! haha)
We love you gramma Schwen!
Ellie's first horse ride!

I got out of the house and went to see THIS MOVIE with my bestie. I haven't had a good laugh like that in a while. so funny!

I made a headband for me, my friend and my little cousin. I thought it turned out pretty cute! Felt is my new best friend.
accessorized my outfit quite nicely:)



  1. Those headbands turned out WAY cute! You are like supernanny with all your kiddos, you are my numbero uno babysitter fo sho!

  2. love the pics
    love the CUTE babies
    love the horse
    love the headbands!
    love everything...
    and stop being so friggin gorgeous allready! :)

  3. LOVE THE HEADBAND! You should make me one - I will buy it from you.
    Can we set up a play date (that we stick to) for the little ones? I think they would be the best of friends.
    Good job on the pantry! I love organizing things because you feel SO accomplished after!
    You look great pretty momma!