Friday, September 17, 2010

Couldn't pass this up.

Yes, I am still on a "break" but that doesn't mean that I stopped stalking blogs, or drooling over interiors that are to die for.
Alice Lane is one of my favorite stores to walk through, every piece of furniture and decor is unique and perfect. I got these pictures from their blog and just couldn't pass up posting them.
I love how they matched clothing with interior patterns and colors. These cute little models do a great job of resembling the rooms; matching colors together and finding similar textures and prints.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
outfit from zara room scene from Martha Stewart Living
Grey is my favorite nuetral color. Goes with everything in my opinion! I love the depth that the wall panels give in this photo.

outfit from jcrew room scene from Canadian House and Home
This room has a sort of retro feel with all of the clothing hung up, and the bold colors. If I could pull off this rug in my house, I would. Great tip: big mirrors make the room appear larger.

Outfit from Jcrew. Room scene from Lonny magazine I have become a little obsessed with stripes lately. And this color! oh my...the blueish-grey color makes me melt. I would have put a mustard yellow colored center piece on that table...but made it simple. maybe even some yellow flowers or a shallow bowl. those two colors together are my fav!
p.s. how cute is this girl??

Outfit from Jcrew. Room scene from Martha Stewart Living
Coral and yellow go beautifully together. I love how the paintings bring this room to life. Since those paintings are large and colorful, that nuetral couch fits perfect. Sometimes too much color is....TOO much.

Outfit from Zara. Room scene from Elle Decor
Back to stripes....of course I love this wallpaper! This bold pattern works because the bathroom sink, backsplash, and towels are all plain and simple. Very clean looking, and I love everything about it.

Outfit from Zara. Room scene from City Sage
Tans, browns, and cream colors go great together. Throw in a texturized wallpaper and you're set! I love how the cable knit sweater matches the texture of the quilt.

Outfit from Jcrew. Room scene from Lonny magazine.
Boy OH boy. what a little stud! The color of the walls are amazing! Along with the subtle blue chair cushions... they work well together. I'm diggin the dark brown table next to the blue. Looks classy!

outfit from Jcrew. Room scene by Lonny Magazine.
I usually am not a fan of pink...but this is a color that I could definitely get used to. The chairs really stand out in this room because of the different hues of coral in it. The darker reds make the room pop. And that side table?? I want it! Two colors that I wouldn't think of putting together (coral and green) look fantastic in this.

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  1. awesome drool worthy finds! all is amazing and the mini models?! cute overload!!