Friday, September 10, 2010

as of late

I cut my hair.....
okay, okay. it was only a couple of inches. But it feels like six. I was in need of a good trimmin!
We put Ellie in a daycare because Ben is in school.
It's going good, I think Ellie really likes it. It's also really close to where I work too!
Here's a picture of me dropping her off....*SNIFF SNIFF* that's definitely the hardest part.

Me and my fam went to the Sheep Dog Festival on Labor day.
Yup, that's right. We are cool like that.
Here are some pics of a cute doggie in the water contest.

Ellie loves Grampa

Us enjoying a nice summer day outside eating ice cream. Call me a horrible parent for feeding my infant some ice cream....but if she's anything like her mommy, she would love it. and she did.


  1. such a sweet girl! if ellie and mommy need a break from day care we'd love to have her over to play. she's so stinkin' cute!!!

    and, sophia ate my ice cream as young as 8 months. haha. she loves it!

  2. i love the pic of you feeding her ice cream!! So precious!

    and your hair looks great!!

  3. that last picture is so cute. you two look like you have a lot of fun. :)

  4. So cute and I'm sure Ellie loves playing with the other little kiddos in daycare. PS I lvoe that shirt in the last pic and pretty sure I want it. Where did you get it... I must know!!!

  5. The haircut looks great! And you sure as heck better be feeding that baby ice cream...don't even think about depriving her of something that great!! :)

    Your story about Happy Sumo soooo sums up motherhood. whew!

  6. allie i got it at nordstrom years ago!