Thursday, September 30, 2010

flower power

Unfortunately, I can't take the credit for these paper flowers. Thank you, Pebbles in my Pocket. I fell in LOVE with these when I saw them in the store! I instantly thought of putting some in Ellie's room. I will be real with you though..I thought they would be alot easier than they made out to be. (maybe you'll be luckier than I was) But the more I made, the faster I got at making them.
I started out with some paper that I liked, the ones with a solid color on one side and a patterned side on the other are the cutest! I also bought these green floral wire stick thingys at Pebbles, but you could probably find them at Michaels. You will also need a hot glue gun, scissors, and a pencil.
I also wanted to make some out of felt. (go figure)
Material Girls has a huge variety of unique colors for all you felt-crafty people.

Take a pencil and lightly draw a squiggly circle. You might get to the point where you can free-cut it out without drawing it first, but if you're like me....i'll stick with my pencil, thank you.

You can draw smaller or bigger circles depending on the size of flower you want to make. If you make too long of a circle, the flower won't turn out as well. Since I am horrible at explaining, I would just test out your first flower on a scratch paper so you don't mess up on your cute paper or felt. One more tip: be sure to not draw too tall of waves..the picture below is about as wavy as you should get. Too much, just makes your flower fall apart. (You don't have to draw waves at all if you don't want to, it just gives it a nice touch.)

Cut it out!

Start rolling up the circle from the outside-in.
Make sure to roll it somewhat snug. It will loosen up after you roll it.

All snug as a bug.
Then let go of the pressure, so the flower opens up and loosens.
(don't mind my finger nail polish...I was bored one night, ok?)

It should open up like this.

Take your wire and bend it at a 90 degree angle about 1/2 inch from the end.

Take your glue gun and dab some glue on what was the inside of the circle that you cut out.

Press the angled part of the wire on the glued part

Then fold the flap closed onto the flower.
Easy right?! HA.
It took me about 4 flowers until I finally got it right, so don't feel like a failure if it takes you a couple of times.

I thought felt would be alot easier to work with, but for me it was harder. For one, a pencil doesn't show up. So I tried free-cutting it and uhh let's just say that didn't work out too well. So I used a thin sharpie to trace my circle. Just make sure that you cut off any of the sharpie before you roll it, or else it will show on your flower.



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's be real.

I hope you will take the time to read this long post of mine.
I have wanted to address a certain topic for a while now, but haven't mustered up enough courage or found the right words to say. This subject can be sensitive to alot of people and some may or may not take it the wrong way. I will do my best to explain my feelings with keeping everyone else's feelings in mind. But just know, that I have an open mind and am not suggesting one way or another, or telling people what they should or shouldn't do. I am simply just sharing my feelings.
With that being said, I will start with an experience that I had a few months ago that my mind hasn't been able to let go of since. A girl I know (let's call her "A") told me that one of her friends ("B") was pregnant. This was an unplanned surprise to everyone, even the pregnant girl. "A" told me that "B" was planning on keeping the baby and being a single mom, and the father would be out of the picture. Long story short......"A" starting talking about how "B" always looks at my pictures with Ellie and sees how happy I am and how our situation turned out to be good and that it gives her hope.
I could not believe what I was hearing. I was in shock. I told "A" that I really wanted to talk with "B" to comfort her and be there for her (coming from the same situation myself) but most of all....let her know that yes, she might see all the happy, fun pictures of Ellie and I-because we definitely do have fun, happy times! But, that having a baby so young and especially being a single parent is not all that blissful all the time.
Let me explain...I got pregnant unexpectedly before I was married. Ben and I looked into an adoption agency and looked through dozens of couples' portfolios. We even picked out possible parents for Ellie. I prayed and prayed for an answer with what to do with this child. I eventually came to the conclusion that I felt like I would have regretted placing Ellie for adoption. Nothing against adoption....I feel like adoption is such an amazing blessing for everyone involved. It blesses the lives of couples who aren't able to have children, and also shows incredible strength, courage, and selfless love towards the mother for placing her child for adoption. I have incredible respect towards mothers who give their child a life that they felt they could not give to their child.
Ben and I decided to keep Ellie. It was a hard decision, but we felt it was what we should do.
I have a hard time talking about my feelings that I have had since Ellie has been born. I feel extremely blessed to have her in my life. Since having her, I cannot imagine my life without her! Children are incredible blessings and are wonderful, amazing beings that enrich our lives to another level. Of course after having Ellie, I am glad that I kept her. But who would be mad that they kept their child?
I am telling you all of this to set some things straight. Having a child this young isn't all happy-go-lucky. Of course babies are Fun! They are cute and once you have one of your own, you will understand that you just want to take a picture of every little thing that they do. Ellie and I have alot of fun times together, and I love sharing them. BUT...that does NOT mean that raising a child at a young age, (let alone any age!) isn't hard! I have had so much help and support from friends and family, I don't think I would have been able to do it without them. In fact, I know I couldn't. Babies are extremely expensive and hard work.
I have realized that I seem to try and convey to everyone how happy and perfect we are, maybe because I don't want people to know the imperfections or the struggles that I have because that makes me look weak, or gives people the right to say, "I told you so!" But in reality, I have realized that I need to show my imperfections, and that it is okay to have sad days and show it. I have had some of the hardest months raising Ellie; seeing all of my friends go to parties or events that I am unable to go to, or having my friends wanting to go see a movie and I can't go because I have a new responsiblity to take care of Ellie, or not being able to spend my paycheck on that cute new outfit for myself because I have to pay for diapers, clothes, day care, medicine, toys, carseats, high chairs, bottles, binkies, doctor bills, hospital bills, insurance, shoes, formula and food for Ellie. Not being able to do or experience alot of the things a normal 21 year old should experience. Not being able to sleep in. EVER. Not being able to keep my dream job.
I am not perfect. We are not perfect. Nor do I want anyone to think that my life is perfect. I am going to start embracing my imperfections and start writing about them and sharing them. Because that is the real truth.
Don't get me wrong, I will still post about mine and Ellie's happy times, because we have alot of them! But I don't want anyone to think for a second, that we are perfect or that it worked out perfectly for Michelle and Ellie. Because truth is, it is NEVER easy getting pregnant at a young age. I have come to the realization that neither route you take is an easy one. (adoption or keeping your child.) So the best answer is: safe sex! or birth control! or abstinence!. . . just kidding.......but really i'm not. ;)
Back to my point. I will state again, that I have an open mind and that I am not suggesting to people one way or another-or telling people what they should or shouldn't do if they were to ever find themselves in this situation. I am simply just sharing my feelings. I want people to know that no one is perfect. No matter how much you think they are, they aren't.
That is why I LOVE this article called "The Disease called Perfection". My amazing sis-in-law shared it with me, and it hits everything right on the spot. It gave me inspiration to share all of these things that I did. I am going to start embracing my imperfections and my mistakes and stop hiding them. I am going to be real.
Please take time to read the article HERE.
I hope that the more I strive to be honest and real... the more comfortable people will feel coming to me and talking with me about their problems, concerns, or feelings.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


America's Next Top Model is easily one of my favorite shows to watch. On Australia's version of the show, the judge announced the wrong winner on live tv! I would die if I were anyone in this situation. Talk about extreme embarrasement and awkwardness. . . maybe someone pulled a Veronica Corningstone on Anchorman? ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010


I saw a familiar face at the store today...I don't know her personally, nor have I ever met her. But I recognized her from her inspiring story and blog. I smiled at her and felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort. I am thankful for people like this for sharing their amazing story with me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Sunday.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday. I spent the day throwing up every ounce of food in my stomach.....Food poisoning sucks.
p.s. Dexter season 5 premiers tonight! I need to get Sho Time so I can watch it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stairway to heaven

Me, my brother, his friend Arianne, and my friend Kristy decided to hike Mount Timpanogos today. I have never hiked it! Which is crazy because I am very fortunate to live so close to it, yet I hadn't taken advantage of it.
Mount Timpanogos has an elevation of 11,749 feet.
Let me tell you, it is one steep mountain to climb! There are two ways to hike up it; one longer & less steep way, and the other way is a little bit shorter & a lot steeper. We took the steeper way. yiKes. My butt and calves are yelling at me for it.
It was unreal! I loved every minute of it and hope to go back soon. (by the way, the middle of september is such a perfect time to hike it....perfect weather and the leaf colors were amazing!)
Pictures honestly don't even compare to the real everyone- go hike it! It was beautiful.

This was my little friend that followed me for while. so cute We made it to the saddle!


us at the shack

Kristy is a babe!

me on top of the world

We practiced some yoga on the top;)

Me and Hustler

Story Time......
So there I was, minding my own business and walking on the trail...when a HUGE mountain goat jumped onto the path from the bushes literally 3 feet away from me! I had to jump back so the cute lil fellow didn't hit me. How crazy is that!

I named him fred.


The end.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This particular moment....

..... is a rare occasion. It melts my heart:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Can somone please tell me why Utah doesn't have a ZARA?! Atleast give us the decency to let us order online! Come on's killing me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lovely Things

this military jacket

Snow & Graham wrapping paper.

Soel Boutique is having a sale this weekend. They have really cute stuff right now...everyone check out their blog for a coupon!
isn't THIS nursery to die for??
everything this lady does is incredible.

She is so stylish all the time... Only she can pull off this dress and look fabulous!

this beautiful ruffle cake. Maybe for Ellie's birthday?

The pork salad from THIS place. soooo yummy.


These adorable Moccasins. (the top ones are for babies) This company even makes vegan alternatives.

I want a pair of each!