Tuesday, August 24, 2010

trailers...not so trashy

Lately, I have been in LOVE with vintage trailers. I would love to get one in the future and just take it everywhere and anywhere I want. Camping in a tent is fun..but after taking Ellie on a camping trip with some friends a little while ago, I quickly realized that a trailer might be a little easier to work with when taking her with me. Two of my friends brought their trailers that they had fixed up and they were so rad!
I must say that most of this inspiration comes from a dear old friend who amazes me everytime I read her blog. She bought a trailer, fixed it up, packed everything up, left everything at home and went on the road. She is experiencing some pretty cool stuff and is having so many adventures. What a woman! (i hope she doesn't mind me talking about her... but I just think everyone needs to know about her awesomeness)
Check out her adventures in her "Happiness Bus" HERE.
This trailer is awesome. Someone opened their own bakery business and makes her yummyness right here in the trailer and travels around catering at different events. How cool is that?
Read more about it HERE.
here are some other images that caught my eye...

this last one is my favorite...

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  1. Oh my, Dan and I want a trailer SO bad. I think we should go halves on one and share it!