Monday, August 30, 2010

this is me.

I am my own person.
I am not perfect, nor do I want to be.
I have my faults, but who doesn't?
I could be a little nicer, be a better friend, be a better person.
I'm trying. really.
I have had my ups and downs and learned alot from them.
I still have a LOT to learn.
I am going to make mistakes, I am going to mess up.
I will have regrets,
but I will learn from them.
I need to not be so hard on myself and embrace my faults.
I have learned that time heals all. (or most)
I just need to learn how to be patient...
I need to show my gratitude more.
I need to not worry so much about rumors or what people say.
Because it only matters if I know the truth and know myself and know what makes me happy.
So love me for who I am...because this is me.

1 comment:

  1. i hear ya babe.
    one of my favorite people, dane cook recently said:
    "I'm so glad I'm on this side of the story."
    just be strong and know that you're amazing. people who love you think so... especially your ellie. :)