Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lately trying to get Ellie to smile for a picture, (let alone even look at the camera) has been quite tough. I think she is doing it on purpose just to make us look like idots for whisteling, clapping, and making rediculous faces, just to get her attention. Here are her best attempts for the weekend... I think we finally got one of her smiling.
Great-Gramma is in town and Ellie is loving all the attention!

Saturday morning, I ran my 6th half marathon- The Hobble Creek. (this was my third time running this specific one...i love it) It wasn't my best run...but what was I expecting when I didn't train for it and ate nothing but fast food and ice cream the past week? blah.

I came in 8th in my age group out of 55. I was hoping to beat my time from the Bryce canyon half..but I think I did it close to the same time.

As far as the future...Kristy and I are planning on running the Dirty Dash in September (a muddy, obstacle 10K that will definitely be worth getting some pictures of) and I want to run a Halloween 1/2 marathon that goes down Sundance Canyon.

Someday I will stop being a wuss and actually train so that I can run a full marathon!
maybe next Spring?


  1. Paityn does the same things some days and won't smile at all if the camera is out.. maybe it is a stage. You are too cute. I admire you and all you do for that beautiful girl!

  2. Cute pics adn congrats on the run! Even if you didn't beat yor time you are accomplishing more than most by completing it and 8th out of 55 is still pretty darn good! :)