Thursday, August 12, 2010


blurry picture, but hey- you get the point. i'm so happy that my twin brother Russell is home from serving an lds mission in Australia! We are really close and I am glad he is home to hang out with me. (that is, if he doesn't get married right away!:)
Just a quick story to tell about my awesome him and I ran cross country for Orem High school our senior year and fell in love with running. (He is alot faster than i am) but we ran the Hobble Creek 1/2 marathon together a few years ago and loved it. Anywho, we decided to go on a run this morning. now, Russ has only ran TWICE in the past 2 years and so I figured we would just take it nice and slow and easy because he would probably be a little rusty and out of shape.

I was SOREly mistaken...(pun) He didn't even sweat a drop or seem like he was the least bit out of breath. He was jumping over things, taking trails, speeding up and down, and he kept smelling the air and saying "I love the smell of utah". The best was at one point he said to me "I just got the urge to go really fast" hAHA i loved it. so of course we raced to the bridge.

I absolutely love my brother and am so happy he is home. :)


  1. awesome. how fun. well, minus the whole running thing in my case ;)
    glad he's home!
    and yay on ellies ears. can't wait to see pics!

  2. Three cheers for Rusty being home!