Monday, August 23, 2010

Ellie's room

so...I was bored last night and realized that I haven't really taken many pictures of Ellie's room. So I thought I would share....
You know when you work so hard on something and think it's the coolest thing ever, then 2 weeks later you are sick of it and wished you would have done it a different way? yup. That's what I think about Ellie's room. haha but I need to give myself more credit than that, I think. I sewed her crib bedding all by myself and painted her room and picked out all the furniture, so I should be happy with the finished product. That is just me though--always wanting to change things up. So until next time, this is what her room looks like:) and forgive me for the crappy pictures....Her room is in a very horrible-lit basement.
This is a shelf that is next to her window. The picture on the left is one that Jessie took when Ellie was just over a week old. I LOVE it. In the back is a metal tree with birds on it that I found at a garage sale. (another man's trash is another man's treasure, right?) and those letter train blocks I got at Sundance.

An amazing lady made this cute mobile and was selling it at Soel.
I had to get it! (as you can tell, I like owls for some reason.)

I used to work at Soel Boutique and the girls there were so crafty and creative. One girl made this display and put it in the store- she used paper doilies, coffee filters, and cupcake liners, then used gold push pins to keep them in place. I LOVED this display and thought it would be cute in Ellie's room. So I attempted to recreate it and I think it turned out pretty cute. (I wish the lighting was better in the picture!)

Rememer Mode Boutique in Provo? Loved that store. They would have silent auctions every now and then where local artists could come and sell their work. I bid on this picture and won it- I loved the colors, but mostly liked the hot air balloon. (I am obsessed with THIS picture and this painting made me think of it.)
The colors in this painting match Ellie's crib bedding pretty good.
I got this mirror at the "Finer Consigner" which is another store
where you can find awesome stuff!
I used this rocking chair all the time when Ellie was a newborn. My favorite thing was to rock her to sleep in it. Time goes by too fast....she won't let me rock her anymore! :(
Blanket was made from Ellie's great grandma. What a sweetheart!
Lamp on the right is from Ikea.. ahhh that store kills me!
and Letters above are from Thanksgiving Point.
These cute flashcards are my fav! I got them at Anthropologie.
That place has the best kids stuff-
I don't know if they sell this set there anymore, but here are some similar.

I love this purchase. I found someone on Etsy who makes cute baby books. People think i'm crazy for spending that much money on a baby book, but it was something that my parents had for me and it's fun to look through it now. You can get your own HERE. There are different styles, colors, and you can personalize it any way you want! Makes a great baby gift too-

just a look inside of mine...
and another..
and here is her crib- I wanted a modern looking crib, but man, most of those are pricey. I actually found this one at Walmart! who would have thought?
I made her crib bedding, like I said. And I can honestly say that I don't think I will ever make crib bedding again. ha it was so stressful! But then again, it was probably my fault that it was so stressful considering I was sewing my little heart out the NIGHT BEFORE Ellie was born. I have obvious procrastination issues ;)


  1. Wow her room is amazing! Totally your style (from what I see from your posts!) So darling!

    I follow this girls personal blog and craft blog that I don't even know but love her so much for some reason. You should check her out, her style seems like something you would appreciate.

    Good work!

  2. Michelle! This is so cute. You are the cutest mother and have such cute style!! Love you!

  3. well of course I LOVE EVERYTHING! cause we love the same things... cause WE ARE AWESOME! :)
    no really though, everything is adorable, relevant, and unique. thats what a nursery should be! great finds-- we really need to shop together woman!

  4. seriously?!? you are so stinkin' crafty and trendy! this is sooo cute! i love her room! you and i need to shopping. seriously, you find the best stuff.

  5. i love all of it. just the fact that you got to pick everything out is so cool. notice the lack of pictures of my baby's room? yeah, i hardly got to pick anything and she didn't even have a room until ... two months ago? no bedding, no nothing. so yeah - i love any baby room!

    also, i know sheblogssheblogs and alison is so creative and fun. you should meet her - you'd love her.

  6. I love this nursery. It's so cute and simple. Love it. :)

  7. soo great! i love the mirror dearly!
    this whole room is so you!

  8. Cute Michelle! Good work on the sewing! That is hard!!

  9. I was just thinking about how much I loved her room on Sunday when I was feeding Cody in there. I love your style!

  10. SUPER nice job on all of that. looks like fun!!! and i am still working figuring out a time for a lunch date. :) miss ya