Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Result of Bryce Canyon Half marathon:

This race is my new favorite! BEAUTIFUL scenery, downhill, people cheering in the tiny town (and by town, i mean the 3 houses that we passed.) and a good PR race. (personal record)
I finished 16th in my age group out of 75. Not too shabby, I was happy with my time.
This saturday i'm running the salt lake 10K with my friend Jamie! We'll see if I survive...my calves are still burning from saturday.


  1. I'll look for you Saturday! Tim's fam always sets up a huge thing in the park and makes breakfast and lunch! Come over and have some. Just look for 200 people and a big canopy! Good job on the race! I am doing a 5k for the Ching Farm Sanctuary on Oct 2, you should do it with us!

  2. nice job michelle!!!!!! i am soo impressed.

  3. That is so impressive. Way to go!!