Saturday, June 19, 2010

good day

Today was a great day. In the morning I ran the "Running with Angels" 5k at Thanksgiving Point. What a beautiful run through the gardens! This race is put on every year by my mom's dear friend Pam Hansen. Pam has always been like a second mom to me and I look up to her so much! The books she has written are so inspirational and I recommend them to anyone. Check her website out HERE. This race is a chance to remember any "angels" in our lives. They give the runners a bib to write anyone's name on it who have passed on. What a great event!
I finished 6th in my age group.

Photo by: Chris Justice

Then Ben, Ellie and I went to the Lindon pool with Chase, Ben's brother, his wife and kids. That pool is so fun! They have this "flo rider" where you can surf. (or attempt to surf) Me, thinking that I could totally hold my own, decided to try it. BAD idea. It's much harder than it looks people!! ok, there's my disclaimer. ;) So, I decided to put these videos on in attempt to give a few people some laughs. Yes, I laughed at myself really hard so you can too!

OH and don't forget to notice the PRO next to me...making me look even worse than I already am...and notice that right after I eat it, he just hops on over to the other course like its NOTHING. ppsshhh....thanks alot dude. ha

and I don't know why these videos are blurry...but i put them on facebook also and they are a little more clear. Let the laughing begin.

Ben showing off his skills

ellie had a hard day as you can tell :)


  1. haha the FLo-Rider is great! I had a bad wipe out on one of our cruises (my sister posted it on facebook). haha. Fun day!

  2. you are a brave chic for trying the surfing! I'll do it in the ocean...but no way am i trying that thingie!!

  3. you're so awesome for running that. i seriously
    need to start running.
    and oh my heck, we love the flowrider. next time
    you're there, we'll meet ya there. :)