Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tour de Cure

My friend Kristy, her Grampa, and I did the Tour de Cure bike race today up in Brigham City.
65 Miles! I must say though, that it was one of the hardest rides i've ever done...because of the stupid wind! it was blowing up to 25 mph and most of the time it was blowing towards us. So we finished it a little slower than we wanted to, but we were happy that we actually did it. Gramps is 70 years old and we were trying to keep up with him the whole time! He is in AMAZING shape and he he has ran 30 marathons in his life! I would have never guessed he was 70 years old. What an inspiration. He was so cute and funny...we went through a patch where there were tons of bugs hitting us in the face and he said, "you better close your mouth or you'll get some un-wanted protein!" :) he was so funny. We had a great time and they raised a TON of money for diabetes. Maybe next year we will do the 100 miler. MAYBE.

Note to self:

-Train more than 15 miles, so that I can actually walk up my stairs at the end of the day

-wear glasses. keeps them bugs out;)


  1. We thought about you, AND THE WIND, all day! There is nothing worse than riding your bike in the wind :), good job!

  2. good job girl! i'm so proud of ya!!

  3. HOLY CRAP Michelle! That is amazing! Doing a 100 miler would be so cool.