Monday, June 14, 2010

Lovely Things

THIS song. His talent blows my mind...

Be sure to watch all of it! the last half is amazing. .

Anthropologie. This store kills me!

For all you athletes out there with injuries, KT Tape works great! I have been having problems with my IT band/runner's knee and this tape helps support it and relieve alot of that tension. Read about it HERE

This genius invention. . .from "Boon". A modern, handy way to make feeding time a whole lot easier! (thanks to my cousin Kristen for getting it for me) it holds exactly one jar of baby food and dispenses it onto the spoon just by a little squeeze. Every mom needs one! Get yours HERE

my sweet Ellie Mae

my lovely friends!

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  1. oh thanks for the john butler song! he really is amazing. he reminds me of old school buchanan. and yes, nothing is better than an anthropologie fix. sometimes i hit up their SALE to see if i can afford ANY of it... usually still can't- but i can dream can't I?? one day...