Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guilty obsession

OKAY okay. . . I will finally admit it. I have a guilty obsession that I have been denying to my husband for the past little while, but I am here to come clean about it and share it with the world. YES, I need my reality t.v. fix every now and then. . . well ok, every week to be exact.

There. phhheeew! I said it. To be quite specific, I thoroughly enjoy being glued to my television when THE CITY takes over my not-that-exciting-anyways- tuesday nights. I love everything about that show. The clothes, the fashion, Whitney, the makeup, the shoes, the big city of New York, the DRAMA, ( yes i went that far ) and the modeling world.

I have always been interested in the fashion industry. So, I have told myself that watching this show compensates for me not really doing anything with those dreams, and just drooling over Whitney's job. What a lucky girl! ( maybe not so lucky having to deal with Olivia's annoying attitude. )

So if anyone knows how I feel about this guilty obsession, they should hold their head up high because in my eyes, there are far worse things that could be happening. Now if my husband will forgive me and bear with this ritual of mine, everything will be A-OKAY :)

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