Friday, May 21, 2010

Hair Show

Last night, I had the privilege of being a model for the 7th Annual Taylor Andrew's Hair show. It was up at the Expo Center and there were over 2,000 people watching it! There were 22 groups each with a different theme, from a different movie. Our group was assigned "Jungle Book" and so each of the models were different animals. I was a Zebra and they did an awesome job with my mohawk and makeup! We also had dancers that matched our animals. The whole experience was so awesome and I met alot of cool people. Even the hour and a half of brushing out my hair afterwards, was worth it;)

My hair was done by: Abish Bravo, Kelsey Kehl, and Bree Jacobson. MUA: Brittany.

Here are some pictures of some other girls in the show. See if you can guess which movie they're from!

(I will post a video of the show soon)


  1. how cool! :)
    my friend alma was one of the mua/hair stylist in there too!

  2. i love it! i need to get my foot in that door--would be fun to see & how fun & cool that you got to be a model. you looked hott!

  3. So crazy! You look wonderful no matter what! I love it! Thanks for coming to my shower I loved your gift for Goldie! It was so great seeing you we really do need to hang out! Can't wait for Goldie to come so we can play with our girls! Love you