Saturday, April 3, 2010

baby boom?

Everyone is having babies lately. . . which results in a lot of baby showers! I know a couple of these patterns are repeats, but it's only because people have requested them. And the wife of the bassist in Ben's band is having an Owl themed nursey. So I thought the owl would be cute to make again. So I apologize that you have to see the same designs. (Also, just ignore the wrinkles. . I still need to iron them!) I love making little designs to put on baby onesies. They're not that professional looking, but hey. maybe someday I can get them to look the way I want them to. NEXT PROJECT: Baby headbands! yes, yes I know. . everyone makes those. But my friend Whitney gave me a cute idea for them. coming soon. . . but for now, Enjoy-


  1. So SO very Cute I love them I just finished some we need to start selling these cute little things!

  2. wow are talented girl! i love 'em!