Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas time's here!

I love Christmas. Everything about it! (except for driving in the snow, scraping windshields, wet pant legs, traffic, etc.) haha but really, I love the holidays. Yesterday my dad asked me a question and it hasn't left my mind since..

He randomly asked, "What is your most favorite Christmas memory?" and I thought for a few seconds and said without a doubt -the time when I was about 8 years old and my family went to Walmart and loaded up a few carts full of games, toys, clothes, etc., then we went home and wrapped them up. My parents knew of a family with a single mom who wouldn't be able to afford Christmas for her kids that year. So, on Christmas eve we dropped off all of the presents on their front porch, rang the door bell, and ran behind the bushes to watch. We saw the door open and 4 children came running out with the biggest smiles on their faces as they grabbed the presents. The mom was in tears and I remember her just saying, "Thank you" over and over again.
I was young when that happened, but I still remember the feeling that it gave me to see the kids so happy to receive what we had given them.

After my dad asked me that question, I decided to ask Ben the same thing later that night. He responded after only a few seconds and told me about a time when he was a kid and he knew that he probably wouldn't be getting much from Santa that year. On Christmas eve, there was a knock at the door and they found tons of presents on their porch. He said that him and his brothers and sisters were so happy and thankful.

I loved the irony in this-and it made me realize that everyone can be impacted by acts of service. Memories like those are what make the holidays special...and you don't have to go out and by a bunch of gifts either, even a simple note or a "hello" can make someone's day!

I am especially grateful this holiday season for my family. I love them so much! and
I hope everyone can make a small effort this year to help and serve others. You never know the impact it will have on them.. or yourself :)


  1. That is seriously the sweetest thing.
    You two are such a sweet couple. I hope you have a great month with your little girl. The greatest gift of all of 'em. :D

  2. I love those kind of Christmas memories! Hope this one is amazing .... and enjoy the snow! ;)

  3. hah i cried...shut up hah guess that was touching