Monday, October 19, 2009

Today is awesome.

Today is my due date. Yup, still no baby! Went in to the doc today and i'm not even close. BAH! But i'm trying to keep my spirits's a BEAUTIFUL day outside, I am trying to enjoy my quiet time without the sounds of a baby crying, and I am going to finish Ellie's crib bedding. I played some football with Ben and his friends the other day, thought that might speed up the process of her appearance to the world. Apparently not! I guess it's time to do some sort of a birth dance, or eat some pineapple, or try the "Pregnancy Pizza" at Cafe TRIO, or jump on the tramp, or or or any other ideas??!

Next monday I am scheduled to be induced if she hasn't came by then. I guess she will come when she's ready:)


  1. Well she sure is making her Auntie really anxious to meet her!! My goodness!!

  2. Well the Pizza didn't work for me, but you can be sure I tried it :)
    If you end up having to be induced...don't worry too much about all the bad things you hear about it. I had to be induced and it was great! I actually would recommend it! Good luck!