Thursday, October 8, 2009

life is good

This last weekend was eventful. I first must say that something happened that will go down in the books. Ben and I were thinking of something to do, and he said, "why don't we go see a good chick flick? Your choice, babe." ...............I think my jaw dropped to the floor. Ben....suggesting a chick flick???? really?! A huge smile came on my face. Not because I was ultra excited to see a chick flick instead of the usual zombie/super hero/ultimate guy movie, but because Ben was so cute about it and was willing to risk his manhood for seeing such a film, and spend a whopping $25 on popcorn, candy, and tickets to a highly predictible movie about love. What a great husband.

Thanks Ben for making my day... (even though the movie ended up being not so good.)

As for the rest of the weekend, Ben and I painted Ellie's room and it turned out great! Hopefully soon I will post some pictures...

Sunday, my whole family came over for Dinner. My sister in law Gina made the yummiest dinner EVER. and to top it all off, we had delicious pumpkin cookies and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. My favorite! We celebrated my big Brother Brad's birthday, which is on the 8th, and also mine and Russell's birthday!!! (which is on the 12th) I can't believe we will be 21. CRAZY!! -Anywho, Happy Birthday Brad and Russ!

Today is Wednesday and it was my last day of work at Soel until after baby Ellie comes. It was kind of sad! But I hope to go back working there after I get settled in with the babe. Tonight was fun. Ben's band Soberdown played up at In The Venue in Salt Lake. They opened up for the band SOJA. It was a really fun concert! and SD did awesome. Ellie seems to kick like crazy when they play.....Ben and I think she is going to come out with a full head of dreads after all the reggae music she listens to. Guess we'll see...;)

Well, that's all for now....Tomorrow I go in to see if I am dialated at all. I can't believe I only have 12 more days until my due date!


  1. That is so dang cute! :) He's growing up! heehee. I can't believe that you're due so SOON!!!! Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope it is a good one and good luck with the arrival of Ellie!!! You're in my prayers, Love You!

  2. oh awesome! Cam did that to me once too... notice I say ONCE. haha. things boys do to make us smile... and get laid :)
    12 more days! yay! oh the excitment and nerves... you'll do incredible. It'll be an unbelievable experience!

  3. I'm so happy life is good for you... baby is coming sooo soon! she is going to be hot. cant wait. Post some pics of that cute nursery woman!

  4. OH, you're so cute! I can't wait for your little ellie girl to come.
    how ya feeling?