Tuesday, September 22, 2009

36 weeks

36 weeks.
4 more weeks to go! My due date got changed to a week sooner. So, now it's Oct. 19th. We can't wait for little Ellie Mae to come!
Lately, I dread even trying to go to bed.. It's awful! Can't a girl just get some sleep around here?? - But as a friend once told me...."It is nature's way of getting me ready for when the baby comes and I won't be getting any sleep at all!" That sure is comforting... :) But sadly, it's the truth. I am starting to get those lovely Braxton Hicks too. Not that comfortable, I must say. But all in all, I have had a pretty good pregnancy so far! (knock on wood....I still have the worst part to endure) But truthfully, I am very lucky to have felt as good as I have through out my pregnancy.
I still get my usual cravings;
-crushed ice (preferrably the pebble ice from Sonic that now I just buy bags of it and store them in my freezer...)
-chocolate creamies
-Mango Smoothies from Kneaders
-late night cold cereal
Well that's all for now! I'll keep you posted if something exciting happens.
Like you know, having a baby.


  1. Woo! So cute. I'm so glad everything's going well - you're in my prayers. Good luck with the sleeping ... basically for the rest of your life - :P heehee. Love you tons!

    Would you mind sending some normal everyday You and Ellie Belly to me ... I feel like I'm missing out on seeing you so cute everyday. :)

  2. Beautiful! Is this the pic you are using for the contest?

  3. no the contest is over! I missed it and i didnt even know it!! :( so sad....

  4. I'm so excited for you . . . and a little jealous.
    I feel like I'm as big as you and I'm only halfway there. Ha ha.

    She's going to be beautiful.

  5. you are seriously so gorgeous. you're almost done!!! the best day of your life is so so so close. :D

  6. Darling Girl!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHH 18 days!!!!! Ohhhh I wish so badly that I could be there... but I am far far away in the beautiful land of Jerusalem, absolutely loving life! BUT I have been thinking about you ALL day and just want you to know that I LOVE you SOO Much, and you're wedding pictures are BEAUTIFUL, and I am SOOO excited to play with little Ellie Mae (and you of course!) when I get home!! GOOOOD LUCK my love!!!!