Monday, June 8, 2009

One of them crafty days again....

Today I woke up with nothing on the agenda except for a doctors appointment and some yoga. So that crazy decorating bug bit me again...I felt like making my room even brighter...which I didn't even think was possible!?! And I also got the urge to buy some fresh flowers for my room. (One of my many fetishes) a mixture of white peonies and pink lilys caught my eye! This picture doesn't even do them justice, but I will post it anyways just so you can get an idea of why I love fresh flowers. They brighten any room, and they make me smile.

Oh, but the day wasn't over and I felt like sewing some new pillows for my bed. I love love love Amy Butler's fabrics. So I drove to a cute fabric store in Springville that carried it and got enough to sew a couple throw pillows. (man, that stuff is pricey!$$)

So here is the end result. If you don't like em, too bad. I do cuz they look splendid with my blinding bright dresser.


  1. Ohhhh I love your pillows so much! I love sewing! Do you make anything else?

  2. umm i have made some bags and a skirt before, but thats about it. I wanna get into it more!

  3. Michelle! You are so creative and you have perfect stlye! I love it! Such an incredible girl! The sky is the limit for you

  4. those are adorable! i love the colors.
    like, LOVE.