Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take number Two-

This is my second try at becoming a member of the Blogging World. I am a facebooker and thought it would be a good idea to expand my horizons. :) My sister in law Gina, is the queen of cute blogs, so hopefully I can learn from her. I think this blog will be good for me to be able to express my personality!

I guess I will start by saying that I have an appetite for design and decorating. Although I am not very good at it, I still get excited about it. I was bored this morning and was browsing on and came across some love. I have a black, boring dresser from Ikea in my bedroom and I think it's about time for her to be replaced. I was thinking about painting it, until I came across this beauty. A little steep in the cost department, but I might think about saving my pennies.

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