Monday, December 21, 2009

Pajammy party!

This last weekend, me and my friends had our Christmas/pajama party. Things got a little crazy I must say.....anytime we all get together, there's going to be a good laugh! We played lots of games and it brought back tons of memories from the good 'ol days. I love my friends!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lovely Things

This comfy cable throw
Dexter. I can't even handle it anymore. SO brilliant!

THIS little onesie that my sis in law gave Ellie. It fits so cute and snug!

Everything about this Dutch townhouse makes me happy. I love the simplicity that comes from all of the white!

Winter Happenings

Ellie girl is so much fun- she smiles all the time and makes so many noises. Comin up on 2 months! Time flies....

This is her "Mommy stop taking pictures of me" face. ahahah

Went to some Sober Down shows. SO fun! It's always a good time. Can't wait for their C.D. release party!

Dana Turned 21!!

My dear friend Amy got hitched! She looked BEAUTIFUL. It's always so fun to get together with all of my friends. I love them!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas time's here!

I love Christmas. Everything about it! (except for driving in the snow, scraping windshields, wet pant legs, traffic, etc.) haha but really, I love the holidays. Yesterday my dad asked me a question and it hasn't left my mind since..

He randomly asked, "What is your most favorite Christmas memory?" and I thought for a few seconds and said without a doubt -the time when I was about 8 years old and my family went to Walmart and loaded up a few carts full of games, toys, clothes, etc., then we went home and wrapped them up. My parents knew of a family with a single mom who wouldn't be able to afford Christmas for her kids that year. So, on Christmas eve we dropped off all of the presents on their front porch, rang the door bell, and ran behind the bushes to watch. We saw the door open and 4 children came running out with the biggest smiles on their faces as they grabbed the presents. The mom was in tears and I remember her just saying, "Thank you" over and over again.
I was young when that happened, but I still remember the feeling that it gave me to see the kids so happy to receive what we had given them.

After my dad asked me that question, I decided to ask Ben the same thing later that night. He responded after only a few seconds and told me about a time when he was a kid and he knew that he probably wouldn't be getting much from Santa that year. On Christmas eve, there was a knock at the door and they found tons of presents on their porch. He said that him and his brothers and sisters were so happy and thankful.

I loved the irony in this-and it made me realize that everyone can be impacted by acts of service. Memories like those are what make the holidays special...and you don't have to go out and by a bunch of gifts either, even a simple note or a "hello" can make someone's day!

I am especially grateful this holiday season for my family. I love them so much! and
I hope everyone can make a small effort this year to help and serve others. You never know the impact it will have on them.. or yourself :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lovely Things

Good Friends!

My talented friend Kaycee's handmade baby slings! Ellie loves hers:) Find yours HERE.

Running.....I ran for the first time again yesterday and it felt so good! Can't wait to run another race.

Counting down the days until Sober Down's C.D. release party!!
You can buy your ticket HERE. Hurry! They are going fast.

This freaking cute baby picture of Ben:)

This AMAZING gingersnap pumpkin cheesecake that I made not too long ago...perfect for Thanksgiving!

This sweet picture of Grampa and Ellie

Monday, November 9, 2009


When I gave birth to Ellie, I hadn't chosen a Pediatrician yet. The day after I had her, a doctor came in to take a look at her and he said that his name was Matt Clayton. I asked if there was any relation to Dr. Keith Clayton and he said that it was his dad! Keith Clayton was my Pediatrician when I was a baby and all growing up. So today I took Ellie to her two-week appointment at Dr. Clayton's office and it brought back so many memories. The second I walked in, it was just as I had remembered it as a child. The smell stayed the same, the train was still there that circled the ceiling, the same plastic rings were set out for little girls to choose from, and this feeling of being a kid again rushed through my body. As I was waiting in the room for the doctor to come, I had this over whelming feeling of my mom. I remember her taking me to the doctors and then we would go to Magelby's and get hot breadsticks. My mom was the best. The spirit of her was so strong. I couldn't believe that I'm now a mom bringing my little girl to the same office that my mom once took me. I miss her terribly... and lately it has been hard with her not being here to share every moment with me. But I know that she is watching over me and little Ellie. I can feel it.

Here's some pictures by Jessie of my little bug. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween weekend

My sweet grandma flew up from Arizona and got here on Friday. It was so nice to have her here to help out! She is such a sweet lady and is now a Great Grandmother of 8!! What a woman. Also, my whole family spent most of the weekend at our house visiting with us and holding Ellie. I love my family so much! and am so grateful for their love and support. We also found out that Ellie will have a cousin to play with coming up here pretty soon....CONGRATS Dan and Alli! We are so excited for you:)

Ellie is such a good baby, she is already sleeping through the night! Ben and I couldn't be happier. We Love having her in our lives!!!

Brad and Gina got some great pictures of the babe in her Halloween costume so I thought I would post some. Enjoy!