Monday, October 6, 2014

September Sayings

Our Ellie girl is one month away from being FIVE years old! She is beyond excited about her Birthday and mom is worried that she has too high of expectations ;) 
Ellie loves to play with friends and her cousin Cody, she loves making banana bread with mom, and going on Daddy-Daughter dates with daddy. She is a little rebel and sometimes has a hard time listening to mom and dad, but we try and come up with positive rewards like "The Treasure Box" that she gets to choose from if she had a good listening day.
She loves her new dance class and trying out new things! Ellie has an amazing ability to make anyone around her laugh, just by her quirky & funny self. We love her and can't imagine life without her!

Payson Lake fun

This dance stuff is serious, people!! ;)

yoga with mommy

sleeping with daddy

making her "treasure box"

playing dress-up with mommy's clothes! Little diva.

Love this toothless grin!

Ry shot this photo of us girls and I love how it turned out!

Here are some Ellie Quotes from the month of September:

"E.T. is like the cutest alien I have ever seen"

We were talking about what 'blessings' were. I said that she was a blessing to me. And she said, "I am not a blessing, I am a HUMAN!"

"I like daddy-daughter dates a little bit more than mommy-Ellie dates because Daddy is a little bit more fun than Mommy. "

Ellie and I downloaded the Netflix App on my phone and it downloaded really fast. Ellie said, "WOW, Netflix! You downloaded fast! You're a natural!"

Ellie saw in a magazine that there were matching mommy/daughter movie star Halloween costumes and said, "Pleeeeeaaase can we be these for Halloween??" and I said, "Well, what if I want to be something else for Halloween?" and she was frustrated and stormed off and said, "I'm signing you up!!" and she went and wrote with a marker over the picture- "mommy" and "Ellie" and came back to show me and said, "I signed you up!" and by this time, I was just messing with her as a good mommy does... and said "But what if I want to be something different?" and she just said with a sassy attitude, "UGH... you EXHAUST me." and walked off.   

I was cuddling in her bed at night time and I said to her, "My baby is growing up too fast!" and she wrapped her arm around my neck and patted my cheek with her other hand and said with closed eyes, "I know.... I know...."

 photo finalsiggy_zpsbdfd543d.png

Our Weekend In Pictures - 50K style

This last Saturday, Ryan ran The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K trail race! 
50 kilometers translates to a whopping 31 miles! and not to mention it had 7,500 feet of elevation gain. Yikes! Ryan can now say that he has ran an ultra-marathon. 
chhheck. Woot woot. 

The race took place at Park City resort in Utah. This time of year up there is UNREAL. Absolutely beautiful with the leaves changing colors! Plus, the weather couldn't have been more perfect for a race. Ry did awesome!! This was the farthest he had ever ran at one time, and he definitely is still feeling it a couple of days later ;)
But he sure is my hero. I am so proud of him! 

This was the first time I saw him.. hahaha this picture says it all.  This was at the 21 mile mark at an aid station, and his first words to me were "I am so unhappy right now". haha I would have been more worried if he didn't have a smile on his face after this picture was taken. ;) I can't even imagine how painful it must have been at that point!

Oh, the views!


 What a man. I am a lucky lady!

After the race, he said that we HAD to drive around the backside of Park City mountain where they ran because the views and colors were beautiful! We took a drive to Guardsman Pass.. and it did not disappoint!

Congrats to my man for completing his first Ultra Marathon! WAHOO!
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

August Sayings

I say this every month.... but last month FLEW by! Really though... where did August go?  Holy smokes. Fall is in the air, people....
Ellie turns 5 in less than two months, and she already has her birthday party planned out. This girl is ambitious, creative, filled with endless energy, and hilarious. We love her to death.
As of late, she loves to wear her mermaid costume every single day... without fail, she likes to go grocery shopping with mommy, she likes to wrestle with daddy, (complete with Mexican wrestling masks) and loves to test our patience in many ways. ;)
Here are some Ellie quotes from the month of August.

Ellie saw one of my bras and said, "Are these boobie goggles?" 

Ellie and her cousin were having a lemonade stand outside on the front lawn and a car drove past and didn't stop. Frustrated, Ellie threw down the lemonade sign and said, "DARN PIGS"

"The North Pole is really far away... People can't drive there because they will get really car sick"

"I just can't believe it!!!! You're such a cutie!!!

Ellie had to go potty and as she was walking out of the room she yelled, "I'll be back by noon!!!"

She is the best little hiking buddy

She lets mommy do her hair... once in a blue moon ;)

Her and her friend Klancee... Ellie is always dressed up these days!

Visiting our friend Whitney at her stable job :)   (pun)

 Matching braids with mommy!

Ellie now has lost BOTH of her front teeth!

Snapped by Spencer Cope- I love this picture of my cute family!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our Weekend in Pictures - St. George

This weekend we headed down south to St. George Utah with a bunch of friends to go climbing. 
Road trip!!
p.s. have I mentioned before that we are dorks?

Climbing photos overload!!!   Get ready. (most were taken by Ryan)
We started bouldering in Moe's Valley, where we also camped. 

Kels and I scoping out a route

Master Dane


Carly killin' it

The next day, we headed to the Prophesy Wall where Ry & I did a few pitches together. It was the best climb, making it the best day!! I love these moments with my bestie. 

Dane, Kels, and Junie pup on the drive home. 'Twas a successful trip!

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